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Eric Mazza

Game Programmer/Game Designer


Double Agent

Double Agent promotional banner
Unreal Engine 4 - C++
Game Programmer/Designer
Team: Christopher Major & a large team of artists & voice actors
Humber 3rd year Capstone Project
Double Agent is a multiplayer co-op stealth based spy simulator focused on using equipment and environment strategy to complete objectives however the player sees fit. My main contributions to this project are game design, programming general mechanics, creating post processing effects, designing and programming our robust inventory system and power system, programming UI, networking, level design, dialogue writing.

Return To Rusty

Return To Rusty logo
Unreal Engine 4 - C++
Game Programmer/Designer
2021 Global Game Jam [Hosted online]
Return To Rusty is a short point and click collection game with a slight psychological horror twist utilizing adaptive sound with FMOD integration.

Tank Arena

Tank arena logo
Game Maker Studio 1.4 - GML
Game Programmer/Designer
Team: Christopher Major, Nicolas Astroza, Fuad Mohammed, Carlos Dominguez
Humber First Year Game Jam
Tank Arena is a short top-down twin stick shooter where you play as a tank destroying all enemy tanks in order to advance to the next level. The game is complete with easter eggs, sound fx, special achievements and a tutorial.


No display image was made for this game
Unity - C#
Game Programmer/Designer/Story writer
Team: Christopher Major, Alex Dicarlo, Sujan Sooriyakumar
2019 Global Game Jam [Hosted at Humber College]
Memories is a short story driven game created for a Game Jam with the topic: "What Home Means to you". The story was about a patient with alzheimers slowly reliving his memories on his death bed revisiting some of the most important moments in his life. The main mechanics were based around simple puzzles.